About Providence eLearning:

The mission of Providence eLearning is to produce interactive and engaging eLearning content that emulates the experience of the classroom, providing an enhanced experience to the learner.

Based in Plymouth, Minnesota, Providence eLearning has set a new standard for the industry.  Using the latest tools and technology available and pushing production to the limits to provide the most engaging learning environment outside of the conventional classroom, Providence eLearning has become an innovator in the eLearning industry. 

The Providence eLearning team includes some of the top educators in the United States along with skilled professionals from the television, advertising and graphic design industries. All Providence eLearning products include audio, video, and review questions designed to reach all students at any secondary school level or above regardless of their varied learning styles.


Note to grammaticists:

Providence eLearning’s iBooks are mostly first editions.  Yes, there are a few typos.  Some grammar and punctuation isn’t perfect – yet.  That said, we welcome your feedback.  Please report any mistakes you find and email us at info@providenceelearning.org.  Thank you!

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